New blog post! The mess I made after baking says hi

New Blog Post: Naked 2 Palette + Makeup I usually use + One Direction’s Perfume

New blog post about my trip to Divi and Mug Cakes yeah cool beans

(Blog Update + New post!)

After one year of having a very boring layout, I revamped my blog and edited the posts. Hopefully, I get to update this more often. (Yes, I will be posting the things I buy again)

I’m pretty stoked to go back to blogging (even if it means I have to carry my camera again everywhere)

Anonymous asked: Do you know where I can buy cheap neon skater skirts?? Thanks in advance!!!!

Try Greenhills! My friend sells some too :D

Anonymous asked: Hey aldea! BRF's gonna be a blackout party and I have no idea what to wear! Suggestions please I <3 u

Wear extra comfortable clothing! Skirts tend to get uncomfortable once you start jamming but wear whatever you like. I’m wearing a black cropped top woohoooo

Anonymous asked: Hiii! What font did you use for your banner here in tumblr? The 'Good Love Will Find Me'

Nouvelle Vague! You can try Pistilli as well :)

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